How long does it take to complete the online application process?

Typically, the process should take from 10-20 minutes, depending on the program you are applying for.

May I submit parts of my application at different times?

It is strongly recommended that you submit all parts of your application at the same time.

What if I do not have access to a computer?

Please contact NOCCA for assistance.

How many arts disciplines can a student audition for in the High School Arts Instruction program?

Because of the intensity of the application and audition process, NOCCA requires that students apply for one arts discipline. NOCCA recommends families attend Open Studios and Audition Information Sessions to help them decide what arts discipline their student has the most passion for.

Students who are applying for the Summer Intensive as well, may apply for a different discipline for the summer.

Are only 8th grade students eligible to apply for Academic Studio?

Yes.  Incoming students must enter the Academic Studio as freshman; therefore, they must apply during their 8th grade year.

Should I allow anyone else to use my account? 

It is the user's responsibility to protect the integrity of any information entered in the system. This includes but is not limited to passwords or personal information about you or your child. You must also agree not to share your login information or password with anyone except a parent or legal guardian.

My account has been disabled because I've attempted to login too many times. Should I set up another account? 

No. You must call NOCCA for an administrator to assist you.

Once I've submitted the application electronically, how will I know that the submission is successful?

Once the application is submitted online, you will receive a generated message based on the email address you provided when you created an account.

How do I check on the status of my application?

Use the Parent Dashboard to check on the status of your application and to determine if any outstanding documents are needed.

How will I know the application is complete?

Once the online application is submitted and determined eligible and all necessary supplemental documents have been received by NOCCA, you will receive a generated message letting you know the application is complete.

How will a student be scheduled and notified of an audition?

Students who have completed an application and been determined eligible will receive email notification of the assigned audition date and time.

How will a student know if they are accepted to NOCCA?

Students are notified by mail of their admission status approximately 4 weeks after the last audition date. Admission status notification will not be provided by phone. 

What is the fee to attend NOCCA?

NOCCA is a tuition-free professional arts training institution. Students are required to pay an annual student fee determined by the department's supply needs. All department fees are posted on our website. Assistance is available through the Student Success program provided by The NOCCA Institute, NOCCA's philanthropic support organization.

What Partner School should a student attend to be able to also attend NOCCA?

NOCCA asks parents and students to discuss scheduling options with their academic schools once they have been admitted to NOCCA. Many schools are able to accommodate the NOCCA schedule, but NOCCA cannot guarantee that an academic school will allow a student to attend NOCCA. We do not encourage parents and students to consider changing schools in order to accommodate NOCCA attendance.


Summer Intensive for High School Students

May I apply for the Summer Intensive and High School Arts Instruction?

Though the Summer Intensive was created primarily for students unable to attend during the school year, students may apply for BOTH the Summer Intensive for High School Students and High School Arts Instruction, in either the same or different disciplines.

Is there a fee for the Summer Intensive?

The fee for the Summer Intensive is $200. Assistance is available.