Students currently in 6-7th grades may apply for Middle School Arts Instruction; 8-11th grades are eligible to apply for the High School Arts Instruction.

The Dance Department maintains a supportive, rigorous and challenging dance atmosphere that prepares students for the requirements of today's professional dance world. Students receive training in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, dance history, music theory, theatre improvisation, nutrition, and injury prevention. Because the program utilizes the artist-teacher instructional concept, students have the advantage of knowing and experiencing dance as an art.

At the audition:
(1) You will be assessed on your acquired skills in all areas of dance and personal fitness for dance
(2) You must demonstrate knowledge of dance terminology in ballet, modern, and jazz
(3) Come dressed in dance clothes (girls: black leotards, pink and black convertible tights; boys: black tights, white T-shirt). You must bring ballet and jazz shoes. NO JAZZ SNEAKERS. Hair should be pulled back and away from the face and secured tightly. Those not appropriately dressed or arriving late will need to politely ask permission to join the audition. No jewelry can be worn into the audition.
(4) You will take a class in ballet, jazz, modern, and improvisation. You will be judged upon your demonstration of the following skills: mental ability; energy level within the classes; flexibility of back, legs, feet and foot articulation; musicality and phrasing; rhythmic accuracy; quick recall of combinations; presence and carriage, and ability to perform given combinations with confidence. Do not prepare choreography for this audition. You will take instructions from NOCCA dance faculty.
You may be interviewed by a member of the Dance faculty.