Media Arts: Filmmaking & Audio Production
Students currently in 8-11th grades are eligible to apply.

The Media Arts Department offers technical and conceptual training in digital video and audio production.  Media Arts students master skills in audio recording, animation, cinematography, directing, editing, lighting, motion graphics and script writing. In addition, all students in media arts gain an understanding of the history, theory and aesthetics of communication arts in order to appreciate the art form and to make informed decisions in their own work. 

At the audition:
(1) Auditioning students are expected to present a sample of their work (portfolio) in film, video, audio recording, motion graphics or animation including a short statement that describes the portfolio work.

Students who do not have portfolio material may submit one of the following: (a) a storyboard with text and visual instructions for a short film, video, or animation; (b) a series of photographs that tell a story (at least 15); or (c) a short screenplay (no more than 10 pages).

(2) Candidates should be prepared to answer a series of questions about their portfolio.

(3) Students should be prepared to critique the visual and sound elements of a short film shown at the audition.