Theatre Design
Students currently in 8-11th grades are eligible to apply.

The Theatre Design Division is designed for students who wish to become theatrical designers and stage technicians. Students learn by doing, through hands-on instruction in stage lighting, sound design, costuming, make-up, hair, set construction and stage management. Theatre Design students provide resources and support to NOCCA student productions in all the performance arts. 

Include with your completed application:  A written or typed resume or list of your training and experiences in theatre tech, performances, backstage work and/or Theatre Design.

At the audition:
Submit a sample of work (portfolio) in theatre design and technical crew work (design renderings, paperwork, photos of the completed design, crew sheets, or program credits). Please be specific and give exact descriptions of the actual work completed by labeling the named examples. You may submit an example of a practice design of sets, costumes and/or lighting for a generally recognized play, such as a classic Greek tragedy, Broadway musical or opera. Potential students do not need to be visual artists; simple sketches are sufficient.